ThoroughClean Electric 10 HP (7.5kW) 415 Volt - Hot Washmate-15 (E10R-36H)

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ThoroughClean Electric 10 HP (7.5kW) 415 Volt - Hot Washmate-15 (E10R-36H)
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Product ID: Washmate-15 (E10R-36H)
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3000 PSI (3265 PSI pump) 15 LPM Flow Ideal for wash bays requiring hot water some of the time for degreasing, sanitizing and cleaning. - 7.5kW Electric driven - 415 Volt 3-phase (20-Amp D-curve) - DOL start in vibration mounted stainless steel control box with E-stop, boiler and motor ON/OFF controls, fault indicator lights - Hour meter for scheduling maintenance - HAWK Triplex Pump (NPM1525) - brass head, ceramic pistons - Low speed pump - 1450 RPM - Vertical Diesel Boiler with temp to 70° Celsius and large 1/2" coils - rated to 4500 psi, 21 lpm. - Heavy duty galvanized frame with top-mount built-in hose reel (not shown) - Large Industrial water filter to prevent waterline debris damaging the pump - Water break tank with low water supply cut-out to prevent pump cavitation - Pneumatic Accumulator to absorb and cancel any damaging pressure spikes and stop water hammering - 'Soft acting' by-pass valve. No kick back and stores zero pressure in HP hose - Timed by-pass auto shut-down when not in use (Set between 3 and 20 min.) - Thermoshield auto water dump when by-pass water overheats - protects seals - 30m double wire HP hose on heavy duty hose reel (50m capacity) - Heavy duty Italian-made gun & s/steel lance - Stainless steel pressure gauge to 10,000 PSI - Slave oil tank to pump triples available oil and ensures lubrication even when neglected Safety Shut-downs: - Timed by-pass - Low water - Motor overload